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Bartek Hugo Trzciński

Objective-C vs Swift messages dispatch

So there we have it: Swift 1.0 GM (still not final). During the three months following Apple’s announcement of the brand new language (I still can’t believe it wasn’t leaked at all) there’s been a lot of changes and optimisations, but there have also already been a lot of complaints about Swift performance – it’s not as fast as Apple had told us. …

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Generating PEM for Push Notifications by Leszek Kaczor

Generating PEM files for Push Notifications is very simple. First of all, you have to make an App ID for your application. After that, you can enable and configure the Push Notification service. When you click the Create Certificate button, you will see a description of how to generate a Certificate Signing Request using the Certificate Assistant…

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Transparent modal view by Leszek Kaczor

I recently had to implement a modal view controller with a transparent background for iPhone. I did some research, but solutions I found did not work or were not clear enough for me. I decided to do my own tests, and now I’m sharing the results. Please keep in mind that this solution applies only for iPhone. Custom segue You can easily make a trans…

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Untitled Kingdom at WWDC14

Apple just completed their keynote at WWDC14 and introduced a number of new features in both OS X and iOS. It is significant to us as a developers. It sets the direction that we will follow in the app development. We had the privilege to be represented there in San Francisco by our CTO - Bartek Trzcinski. The whole team of Untitled Kingdom is very…

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„App Store Optimisation” for dummies

ASO image

Introduction During October of last year, Tim Cook – during the annual iPad event – announced that the App Store contained over one million apps, which have collectively been downloaded 60 billion times (!!), which sets the average number of downloads per app at around 50 000 1 How to survive in this jungle of apps, developers, the multitude of …

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You need optimise your app for iOS 7, now!

iOS 7 transition

According to the new Apple Dev guidelines, all iOS apps should be upgraded for the new operating system by February 1st, 2014. This means that all iOS apps must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5, which includes 64-bit support and access to new features. If your app is not optimised for iOS7, you won’t be able to perform updates or even r…

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